Troy McElveen

Research Director

Troy’s attention to detail and problem-solving skills are vital to his job as Laboratory and Research Director. He enjoys caring for calves and clients, which drives him to find the best solutions. He takes pride in working with a quality team and together they have earned an exemplary reputation as an industry leader in calf research.

Troy received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Indiana University. He currently resides in Wabash, Indiana. Troy brings previous experience in managerial positions in retail and manufacturing to the team. Troy desires to spend many years more making a difference at CalfCare-caring for calves and about the people who raise them. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. He is a skilled drummer with over 35 years of experience and still finds joy in his music.

Troy’s favorite thing about CalfCare is the sense of family, not just among employees, but among clients and companies that trust CalfCare with their research projects.