Consultation & Care

CalfCare™ specializes in calves and cattle, providing both care and consultation in disease prevention and performance.

We Offer:

Diagnostic services

Veterinary Feed Directives (VFD's)

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) "Health Papers" 

         - For Interstate & International Movement

         - Tests & Vaccinations Associated with Movement

Thoracic Ultrasound (TUS)

Records Analysis

Herd Health Programs

We Also Offer:

We Are Equipped for In-House Testing.


Blood Counts via Analyzers


Fecal Parasitology

Consult With Us Today On:

Choosing effective vaccination and treatment protocols for your operation

Optimizing calf health and performance through proper nutrition

Designing calf housing and troubleshooting existing housing

Humane and effective husbandry and management strategies

Operating Field Trails and Safety Studies

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