Maggie Wimberly

Accounting Manager

Maggie spends her time in the numbers overseeing the accounting process within the organization. She ensures that the database remains sound, runs payroll and pay bills, and monitors and maintains the balance sheet. She has an excellent sense of accuracy, customer service, and analysis.

Maggie received her Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Accounting (cum laude) from Manchester University and currently resides in Wabash, Indiana.

Maggie also serves as Treasurer for Manchester Alive (a local Chamber of Commerce). One of the ways CalfCare gives back to the community is by allowing Maggie to serve on this board as a volunteer during her working hours.

Maggie’s main goal is to continue to help business operations so that the vets and vet techs can focus on providing excellent service to clients.

When Maggie is not at work, she loves to read. She and her husband have two daughters, with over 10 years difference in age. They enjoy traveling to Canada every summer.

Maggie’s favorite thing about CalfCare is the people. Each team member is dedicated to caring for the calves and serving the clients.