Deanna Langenkamp, M.S.

Assistant Research Director

Deanna is the Assistant Director of Research. Deanna’s focus is to plan and execute research at CalfCare facilities and client farms. Deanna also is the manager for the research farm, Decisions, that houses older calves. Deanna completed her undergraduate studies at The Ohio State University in Animal Science and graduated with her master’s degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. During her time in Lubbock, Deanna dove into the world of research where she studied under Dr. Mike Ballou. Deanna grew up in St. Henry, Ohio on a farm where she raised bottle calves with her family and participated in 4H and FFA. She continued to follow her passion for cattle in college by participating in the Buckeye Dairy Club and The Ohio State Dairy Judging Team. When she is not at work, you will find her traveling or showing Guernsey dairy cattle at livestock expos and fairs. Deanna is a valued team member at CalfCare due to her cattle and research experience, strong communication skills and organization. Her goal is to help CalfCare conduct more commercial research studies that answer questions our clients are asking. Deanna loves working on the forefront of research and helping develop new products to further the livestock industry while getting to work with cattle every day!

Deanna thinks CalfCare is different because they combine veterinary expertise, consultation and products with the ability to answer questions pertaining to the cattle industry through cutting edge research. This makes CalfCare a one stop shop for all of your calf questions!