Darryl Hendrickson

Delivery Driver

Darryl has lived all around Indiana and has recently moved to Wabash, Indiana to be closer to the office. He is dedicated to getting clients what they need and when they need it. He adds his great sense of humor to the team and enjoys getting to know the clients and become friends with them.

He attended the RV Industry Association Technical Institute of Ivy Technical Institute. He has completed Forklift Certification training, UPS Delivery training, and has 20+ years of delivery driver experience. Darryl is devoted to being better able to inform all clients about CalfCare’s custom product selection and services and share with them the benefit of partnering.

When he is not working, he considers himself a glutton for punishment, enjoying the routine household chores that most people dislike. He likes to cook, and he likes to garden when the opportunity presents itself. Darryl loves to spend time with his three daughters and one granddaughter.

Darryl enjoys working for CalfCare because of the standout staff. He believes that together they all care about the calves and about their clients!