Anne Budzinski, D.V.M. "Dr. Annie"

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Anne Budzinski ("Ba-jin-skee") is eager to help clients and their calves. Dr. Budzinski completed her bachelor’s degree at Michigan State University in Animal Science and graduated as a Production Animal Scholar in 2011. She is a 2015 graduate of Michigan State University with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Growing up on a small beef farm in northern Michigan, she raised beef, pork, hens, potatoes, and crops. Her passion is partnering with clients to troubleshoot common calf problems and find solutions. Dr. Budzinski enjoys educating clients about techniques and protocols to improve production and welfare. In her free time, Dr. Budzinski enjoys spending time with her husband, Anthony, and son, Stanley, on their farm where they grow crops, gather honey, and produce maple syrup for the local farmer’s market. Dr. Budzinski is a proud Michigan State Spartan and has strong ties to her family’s polish heritage. Dr. Budzinski enjoys educating children about agriculture and is an active member of AABP and AVC.

Dr. Budzinski loves that CalfCare focuses only on cattle, which means they have great experience with specific diseases, nutrition, and management issues from bottle to rail. CalfCare also conducts research on calf related products which adds credibility to their recommendations.