Alexis Rohrer

Research Assistant

Alexis is a research associate at CalfCare. She is a graduate of Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in animal science with a pre-veterinary concentration. Alexis has experience in many sectors of the animal industry, primarily working with horses and cattle. She is certified through the Calf Care and Quality Assurance Program and the Veal Quality Assurance Program.

Alexis works at both of CalfCare’s research farms, as well as studies that are conducted in commercial facilities. Alexis’s problem-solving skills, strong communication skills and team-oriented approach makes her a valued employee. Alexis looks forward to meeting new clients and serving them to the best of her ability. Her favorite part of working at CalfCare is contributing to the animal health industry in a positive manner. She enjoys being a part of improving cattle health and interacting with clients for the best outcome.

Alexis grew up on her family farm in North Manchester, IN. Outside of work, you will find her working with horses at her family farm or out playing polo.

Alexis believes CalfCare is different because they are focused on helping all clients, whether they have 500 calves or 10 calves. She appreciates the ideal Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationships that are formed between CalfCare’s knowledgeable veterinarians and CalfCare’s hardworking clients-this is what ensures that we are providing the best care possible